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We are Drs. Audrey Greene and Shawna Jacob, board-certified clinical neuropsychologists. We specialize in evaluation and treatment of cognitive and behavioral concerns related to aging, dementia, medical conditions, ADHD, brain injury, and more. We will take the time to explore your perspective and history so that we can wholly understand you and provide services that are specific to your unique needs.

Neuropsychologists in Cincinnati providing ADHD, Autism, TBI, and dementia testing


Our evaluations seek to understand why you are struggling with attention, memory, or other areas of thinking. We will also identify your strengths and provide individualized recommendations and clear next steps to address your concerns.


We are compassionate and outcome-focused therapists. We use our specialized knowledge of neuroscience and psychology to help clients develop insight and make changes consistent with their values.

Cognitive Coaching

As experts in cognition and memory, we offer rehabilitation and coaching to people who wish to recover, enhance, or maximize their abilities.


In addition to serving clients directly, we are dedicated to promoting brain health through collaboration and consultation within our community.


fax: 513-440-0028

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