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You are more than a condition or collection of symptoms, so our evaluations focus on more than diagnosis. We take pride in our holistic view of clients and our collaborative approach. We take the time to listen to you and your family; we want to know your concerns, thoughts, history, strengths, and values. We will offer personalized recommendations, strategies, and resources so that you leave our office empowered, with insight and clear next steps.

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An evaluation with us can serve many purposes:

  • Evaluating concerns about problems with attention, memory, or executive functions 

  • Clarifying a diagnosis

  • Establishing a cognitive baseline and monitoring cognitive changes 

  • Informing treatment plans

  • Identifying cognitive strengths and weaknesses

  • Developing plans for improving brain health, memory, and daily functions

You may have other reasons for seeking an evaluation. 

Call us with questions or for a free consultation. 

Our Evaluations Can Address:

ADHD / ADD, ADHD testing for adults and adolescents
Autism, Autism testing for adults and adolescents

Age-related memory changes
Brain fog
Effects of s
tress, pain, and sleep dysfunction on cognitive functioning
Effects of neurological, medical, and/or psychological conditions on cognitive functioning
Concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI)
 COVID-19 and long COVID
r’s disease
   Parkinson’s disease /
 movement disorders
   Dementia with Lewy Bodies
   Frontotemporal dementia
   Stroke and vascular disease
   Depression, anxiety, and PTSD
   Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
   Multiple Sclerosis (MS) / autoimmune conditions


fax: 513-440-0028

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