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We offer seminars, workshops, training, and other consultative and supportive services to groups and to healthcare providers interested in improving brain health and function of its members and patients. 

Educational programs for community groups:

  • Brain health and wellness throughout the aging process

  • The importance of mental and physical exercise for brain and cognitive health

  • Slowing or avoiding cognitive decline in Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease

  • Strategies for caregivers of people with dementia

  • Maximizing cognition in people with neurodevelopmental difference

Topics for healthcare training:

  • Administering cognitive and psychological screeners and knowing when to refer within primary care and family medicine practice

  • Promoting brain, cognitive, and psychological health within wellness visits

  • Supporting our patients with dementia, along with their caregivers and families 

  • Educating your patients about recovery from concussion

  • Having difficult conversations with patients and their families 

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Shamrock Shuffle

Join us, and the rest of Cincinnati Aging Resource Experts (CARE), at the Shamrock Shuffle in West Chester as we gather, walk, and raise money for the community! Click here to learn more and register.


Montgomery Mental Health Fair

We will be at the City of Montgomery's Mental Health and Wellness Fair, which aims to unite people with information and tools they need in their mental health journey. Click here to learn more.


Your Midlife Mind: What to Expect & How to Protect 

Join us for an empowering workshop and discussion focused on women's brain and cognitive health, hosted by the outstanding Galia Collaborative. Click here to learn more and register.


fax: 513-440-0028

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