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Partnership with Galia Collaborative to Present Midlife Minds: What to Expect & How to Protect

Joining of PATH Neuropsychology and Galia Collaborative

We have another exciting collaboration to announce! PATH Neuropsychology will be joining Galia Collaborative for their groundbreaking workshop focused on women's midlife minds. We are tremendously passionate about this topic and grateful to have the opportunity to share our expertise in brain and cognitive health to the women of our community. We're honored to be hosted by Galia Collaborative, whose mission to elevate women's impact through modern mental health aligns with our purpose and values.

Our primary goal is to empower women with information and with practical, actionable methods of enhancing brain health and cognition. We will address self-advocacy within a healthcare system that often fails to recognize or meet the unique and complex needs of women. We will shed light on common causes of cognitive changes in midlife and throughout the aging process and how to manage them, and we will be joined by Dr. Lisa Larkin, who will share her expertise in women's health and internal medicine. We expect to engage in powerful and meaningful discussion and to learn much from each other. Within every gathering of women there is exceptional knowledge, experience, insight, and wisdom. We couldn't ask for a more perfect host than the outstanding team at Galia. We hope to see you there!


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